CEP Brand Ambassador

Greetings, everyone.

Spencer and I are so thrilled to get this site and blog started. It’s something we’ve always casually talked about but had a hard time making a reality with all the chaos that comes with competing in a full cyclocross season. Finally – the trigger’s pulled, so I’m stoked to use one of our first posts to announce that I’ll be a brand ambassador for CEP Compression in 2016!


I’ve been a dancer and athlete basically my entire life, and as I get older, recovery becomes even more important if I expect my body to perform the way I want it to. CEP has been crucial to my recovery since I started racing cyclocross. But, that wasn’t my first experience with CEP. In fact, one of the first gifts Spencer gave me while we were dating was a pair of CEP socks. I was running a lot at the time, and as a D1 cross-country runner in college, Spencer was well-aware of the benefits of wearing CEP compression socks for recovery.


When I switched from a biology major in college to focus on health sciences and health promotion, I learned a lot about injury recovery (think R.I.C.E.) but didn’t think much of applying some of that technique as a runner or cyclist during workout recovery. These notions also couple with wearing tights as a dancer – not only do they look sleek on stage, they offer a bit of support through hours of practice and performance.

Fast-forward to now, and I realize compression has become a huge part of my life. I wear CEP compression socks most days to work since I have a desk job yet am running around from meeting to meeting. I noticed a huge difference when I started doing this. And, my legs feel much less beat-up when I get home which makes it easier to jump on the bike and go.


Needless to say I’m really looking forward to this partnership with CEP. It’s great to be able to support a brand I use daily that’s helped me get closer and closer to achieving my goals.

Thanks, CEP Compression.

Ali Whittier

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